How to become a Brazzer’s Actress

So you want to star in a movie that is featured on the Brazzer’s or the PornHub website? Great. But just because you want to star in a movie doesn’t mean people want to pay you to do so.

How to become a Brazzer's Actress

I know that sounds harsh but that’s the reality. Porn isn’t a fair or easy industry to be a part of. If you are overweight or unattractive it’s not likely anyone is going to pay you money to star in adult movies.

If you want to become a Brazzer’s actress, then you have come ot the right site.

Brazzers has hired over 1800 performers over the years. Please like Gina Valentina, Dillion Harper, Abella Danger and more.

Dillion Harper

If this is something you really want to do then you are on the right website. Here you’ll find everything you ever need to know about how to get hired as an actress on the Brazzer’s website.

I’ll start with the basics.

  • You must be over 18.
  • You need to be pretty and in shape.

If this is you then check out the rest of this website and learn all about what it takes to make it in the adult industry and how you can get hired to star in adult movies for companies like Brazzers and on websites like PornHub.

Once you’ve read several of the articles on this website and truly understand how the adult industry works, you can click here to fill out the porn star application.


How to become a male porn star

So you want to know how to become a male porn star? Well, that’s a lot easier said than done. Now the good news is, if you are black, then you’ll be happy to know that Greg Lansky from is looking for the next top male porn star.

This opportunity is open to all black men over 18 years of age. This is an open casting call. If you think you have what it takes simply email Recruiting

Help Me I Want To Get Into Porn!

If you were sent to this specific page, it’s most likely that you’ve contacted me via Twitter or Facebook or email or whatever. I’m sending you to this page, that I’ve created so I don’t have to repeat myself 200,000 times.

I want to help you become rich and famous, I really do. Heck, I wished I could help everyone become rich and famous. However, that being said …

If you do not live in the United States I can’t help you get in porn.

No there is no exception.

If you do not live in the United States I can’t help you get in porn.

I do not have anything to do with porn in any other country. I live and work ONLY in the United States.

To legally work in the United States you must have a work visa. You can’t get a work Visa for porn. Period.

No, there is no exception.

This is why … If you do not live in the United States I can’t help you get in porn.

If you do not believe me, go hire an immigration attorney and tell them you want to come to the United States to work in adult film but you need a valid US work visa to do so. See what they tell you. I’m going to bet you good money they say …

If you do not live in the United States I can’t help you get in porn.

Because the way the laws are written in the United States you are required to have two forms of valid ID to work in porn. This means that if you show up with a foreign ID, because you are not a US citizen, they must ask if you can legally work in the US. That means you need a valid work visa. If you don’t have one, they can’t hire you and they will not hire you.

Why would they break the law and risk going to jail for you? They wouldn’t. In conclusion —

If you do not live in the United States I can’t help you get in porn.

How to be picked by a real agent!

Despite popular belief, not just anyone can be a porn star. The adult industry is about making money and they have found that typically the most attractive males and females make the most money.

So yes, like it or not, you will be judged by what you look like. However that being said, beauty standards in porn are significantly different than in Hollywood. Some of the most famous and successful porn stars who make a ton of money every year, would probably never be given a second glance in mainstream. I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t judge yourself to harshly.

If you don’t submit a picture when you apply, you won’t be considered. Your application will automatically be deleted.

If you don’t liven in the United States, your application will automatically be deleted. As I said like oh 200 times all throughout this site, the law prohibits anyone from working in the adult industry without a valid work permit and the government will never issue a work permit to someone who wants to come to the US to do porn. Sorry, it’s just not going to happen.

If you submit fake or edited photos and you are initially given interest by an agent, he (or she) will eventually find out you lied and what you really look like and drop you. You’ll never earn a dime so why waste your time and ours? USE REAL UNEDITED PHOTOS. Seriously, be honest on your application.

We aren’t stupid. We know about apps like photoshop, Instagram filters and apps like Facetune. Using these apps won’t help you when you show up on a set and look nothing like your photos. This is why before an agent will ever consider working with you, after getting your initial application and photos, you will be required to skype or facetime the agent. This is when you’ll get caught. You can’t fake live video. They will know right away that you edited your photos and won’t consider working with you as a result.

If you are a male and don’t live in the LA area, you will not be given consideration. Unlike females, agents don’t tend to waste time with a male talent who doesn’t live in LA where porn is made.


What does it cost to be a porn star?

This is such a commonly asked question because there are so many scams out there girls get nervous and want to know the truth. So here is the long answer to the question, what does it cost.

To get started to be a porn star it doesn’t cost anything. There are no up front fees. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not someone you want to do business with.

Now let’s talk about what it does cost.

First there is the cost of your flight from where you live to Los Angeles. You don’t always have to pay this yourself.  Sometimes your agent will pay this up front and you can pay him back later.

Next there is the cost of your required STD test. This cost $155. Again this you don’t have to always pay up front, it’s something your agent may pay for and you can pay him back later after he books you some work.

There is the cost of your model house. When you go to Los Angeles to work, instead of staying in a hotel you stay in a model house with other performers. The cost is typically $35 a day (about $250 a week). This is obviously way cheaper than a hotel or even an AirBnB. Not all agents will own their own model house but

Some agents, actually most agents (not all but most) will set up your initial photo shoot, these are the photos that appear on the agents website. This will cost you anywhere from $100 to $350. You do not need to pay for a professional photo shoot but you’ll find some agents will try and pressure you to do it. If you have usable photos, you don’t have to pay for new ones. Also some agents will work with producers to get you deals, or discounts and sometimes they will even let you use photos they take of you for free on the agents websites. Just don’t be afraid to challenge the “required” photos. Yes, I get that agents have to have photos of you to promote you, but you don’t have to pay out of the nose for them.

Now there is the cost of going to and from work. Some agents have drivers but most just use Uber. So basically you’ll have to pay the cost of the Uber to and from shoots.  While prices can vary, one porn star tells me that she spends about $8 to $12 per ride.

I’ve actually had some girls bitch about having to pay for their Uber to and from a shoot. One girl said it was unfair. I had to choke back a laugh on that one. There is not a single person I know that doesn’t have to pay for their rides to and from work. Yet somehow this starlet feels her ride to and from work should be free. Really? LOL Oh if life only worked that way.

Now some agents will offer you a deal. If you pay for your own rides (or have your own car) you only pay your agent 10%.  Then if you don’t they will charge you 15% but provide you a driver to and from jobs. The driver will get 5%. But is it really worth it?

If you do a boy/girl scene for $800 that 5% is $40. Do you really want to pay $40 to go to a job when you could just take an Uber and pay like $8? I don’t know. I’m not a fan of the driver concept anymore and most agents don’t even use them anymore because Uber is just so convenient and cheap.

And last but not least there is the cost of paying your agent for his (or her) services. An agent typically charges 10-15% of whatever job they book you. So say they book you in a boy/girl scene for $800. If your agent charges 15%, you’ll be paid $800 by the company and then owe you agent his cut of $80.

Beyond these fees I’ve pointed out here, there is nothing else anyone should be charging you.

Don’t work for free! There is no “casting couch” in porn!

Let’s be honest, we are in porn, we aren’t perfect little angels. If you are going to work in the adult industry you shouldn’t expect the extreme professionalism that you might get at some fortune 500 company. It’s just not going to happen.

People are going to be late. People are going to show up high or drunk. And yes, people are going to openly talk about kinds of sexual things as if it were no big deal.

But that being said, you are still expected to be professional. In fact, the more professional you behave, the more money you’ll make in the long run.

As a porn star, being professional means showing up on time and being hygienic — you know, washing yourself. That should go without saying, but sadly it doesn’t.

Another part of being professional is standing your ground. This means not working for free and not giving up any “free samples” on producers or directors. There is no such thing as a casting couch and you don’t have to fuck anyone to get a job. Even if someone suggests that you do, they are wrong. They are just trying to see if you are dumb enough to fall for it.

Do not give up anything for free. If someone wants to have sex with you, then they can pay for it. Why would you blow some douche-bag director for free? Fuck that!

A producer can’t sell the footage until after he has the 2257 documents and model release in hand. If he hasn’t paid you then you have that to hold over him. When he pays you THEN you can sign, but only then.

On that note, also be smart. never sign a model release until you have gotten your payment. ALWAYS demand payment before agreeing to sign the model release, period.

You’d be surprised how many girls have gotten scammed because they didn’t get paid before signing on the bottom line. Also remember once you do sign your model release, take a picture of it, so that you have a copy of your signed release. You never know when you’ll need it.

Click here to read a story about porn star Shawna Lenee and you’ll see just why you will always want to get a copy of your signed model release, even if it’s just a picture of it on your phone.


Do you need a publicist and manager too?

People love to say how mainstream porn is becoming. But you only really have to look at the performers themselves to know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Any mainstream actor or actress who wants to take their career serious knows they must have an agent, publicist and manager and keep an entertainment lawyer on retainer to handle the contracts for any deals that come their way. Once they get a little famous and some money in their pocket, some even add on a stylist and hair and makeup lady.

In porn, our performers sometimes have an agent, sometimes they don’t. Less than 10% have a publicist and probably less than half a percent (if even that) have a manager (a legit one not a suitcase pimp / boyfriend) and let’s be real, nobody keeps an entertainment lawyer on retainer. LOL

I can see not doing that, but what about agents, managers and publicists? Why are porn actors do different than their mainstream counterparts?

In mainstream these group of people work hand and hand for the betterment of the actors career. In porn, HELL NO. It’s a battle royale to the death. Nobody works together. People in porn are so quick to talk shit about one another. It’s really sad.

I’m not going to name any names because that’s not what this article is about. I’m speaking here in general terms not at any one person specifically. So let’s look at how it should go using some random name I’ll just make up pretending she’s real for example purposes.

Fake Suzy wants to be a porn star so gets an agent – let’s say LA Direct Models. Now her agent has one job to do, get her booked in scenes. LA Direct Models is well known as a solid, reputable agent. So Fake Suzy has begun her career in porn in the right direction.

Now that Fake Suzy has been in a few scenes, she hires a publicist, let’s say The Rub PR. Erica Icon, her publicist takes on the job on getting this girl exposure. This means she will send out a press release every time Fake Suzy appears in a movie. She’ll work to get her nominated for both AVN and XBIZ awards and if Fake Suzy is nominated, she’ll send out press releases for that. She’ll prep Fake Suzy for red carpet events and make sure her name is always on the list of special industry specific functions like the AVN Halloween party, or other similar events that happen throughout the year and make sure that Fake Suzy gets her picture taken and the media knows she was at that event because she gets copies of those pictures of her client at that event and blasts them out everywhere.

A publicist also works with news and media outlets including radio stations, large affiliate websites and gets you interviews or a feature on relevant websites – all in the name of getting you more exposure.

In the mean time things are going great for Fake Suzy. Her agent is booking her more work, her publicist is promoting her, and her twitter followers have skyrocketed.

So now she hires a manager. A manager is not the same as an agent.

The manager will work in conjunction with both her agent and her publicist. He will look for special opportunities for Fake Suzy that will allow her to take her career to the next level.

There are TONS of managers in mainstream Hollywood but not so much in porn so in the case of Fake Suzy we are just going to pretend she got lucky and found a good one.

Fake Suzy’s new manager will look for special big projects, like say a big budget movie that some studio is working on and will work to get you an audition. They don’t book you any actual work – that is the sole job of your agent. A manager however does know lots of products and directors and they use those friendships with those people to get you noticed. They bring you to private parties these producers and directors may be holding. They get you exposure but in a different way than your publicist does. A manager is all about relationships and building relationships that helps further his clients career.

Managers can give a porn star an extra push, getting you those face to face meetings with the right people so that when your agent calls to book you with said producer, they already know who you are and want to work with you. They can also leverage their relationships with the right people to get you box covers and things like that which you might not have otherwise been considered for.

A manager also looks for unusual projects like walk-on or bit parts on TV shows or in mainstream movies. When you get to be part of some mainstream TV show or movie, or heck even appear for 5 minutes on some random reality TV show then you publicist takes advantage of that and puts out a press release or maybe even gets you to appear on a radio show to talk about the time time you met someone famous when you were on the set of some music video.

Because these kind of projects are about exposure or building your brand more than actually making you much money (you might make $300 to $500 for the day on something like this), so that’s why it is something your manager finds for you instead of your agent. Your agent wants to book you legit porn work because it is where you’ll make the most money. But a manager is all about building your brand. So while you not make as much money that day working on that project, you will probably gain some new fans from it.

And then again it helps you in porn because next time you are up for a big project in porn you can be like well I will be on an episode of (insert some random TV show here) this season and that might convince the porn producer to want to book you for his next movie instead of someone else because you’ll have more exposure. The more famous you are, the more likely his movie is to sell and that means the more money he’ll make. See how that works?

A manager will also look for unique opportunities for you within porn like trying to get you to be the next Penthouse Pet of the next Vixen of the month or the next Twistys Treat of the Month. They may also negotiate a sex toy deal for you or even a 3 month exclusive contract for some camming website where for the next 3 months you’ll agree to appear on their live cam every Friday for 2 hours. Maybe they’ll even get you a deal where you will be paid to promote a brand of t-shirts.

Again, something to keep in mind is that an agent is not a manager and a manager can’t be an agent (legally speaking).

Agents are legally bound to seek work for you. They have larger client lists and act somewhat like brokers with you as the product they are brokering. Their only job is to book you work, as much work as they can possibly get you. The more work they get you the more money you make and the more money they make.

Managers generally represent a smaller group of performers which allows them to have more time to focus just on you and have far more leeway to oversee and coordinate all aspects of your career. A good manager will be focused not only on getting work for their clients but also on trying to elevating the actor’s career.

A manager can’t legally book scenes for you. The law prohibits it. Only agents can book you work. Anyone can act as a manager, but only someone licensed and bonded can be an agent.

While all of this may sound great, it’s also not free. A porn agent may take up to 15% of every job they book you.  Most legit agents in porn charge about 10% but if you don’t have a driver then you pay 15%, that extra 5% pays for your driver. So let’s say they book you 10 boy/girl scenes a month at $1,000 each.

$10,000 sounds great but gets taken away quickly when you have a big staff working for you. Your agent will get $150 per scene or $1,500 total (15% of $1,000 * 10). So now that $10,000 you earned is $8,500.

Your publicist will charge you a minimum of $500 per month, and that means your down to $8,000.

Now you have to throw in another $250 per month for your manager. So in the end that $10,000 you made is now only $7,750.

However keep in mind, the theory is, if you are spending all this extra money you are getting more work so if you wouldn’t have spent the money on the PR and manager, would you have had so many bookings in the first place. A good publicist, and manager pay for themselves simply because the amount of extra work and deals they get you more than make up for what it is they charge you per month.

Some publicists will charge $500 to $1,500 depending on who you use and what specifically you need done. Some managers will work for $250 to $1000 per month. There aren’t really a lot of legit “managers” in porn, but if you ask around you’ll find there are a few. In mainstream they work on percentages – agents usually get 10% while managers get 15%.  In porn we don’t have a lot of these managers / deal makers but if there was one who was good and I mean REALLY good I would say he might be worth giving 10% but 15%? I don’t know. That seems like a lot. He would have to be damn good for me to give him that much. The theory is a good manager will elevate your career to a level that your talent agent can barely keep up with all the requests for work. So does that mean he deserves 5% more than your paying your agent? I guess if you had a really good manager. But honestly I’ve never seen that in porn before.

Most of the “managers” out there are really nothing more than suitcase pimps or shady boyfriends or sometimes male talent who can’t get enough work for themselves so they latch on to a girl and try and get a free ride off of her.

Then again, a well known male talent might actually be a good manager if he’s not a horrible drug addict or something like that because then he’ll have a lot of good connections already with producers. Just be careful if you do decide to work with a male talent as a manager that you go into it with your eyes wide open. You don’t need some guy with a bad reputation as a male talent, latching on to you trying to be your manager and ending up only bringing you down because of his own bad rep.

That’s not to say there aren’t some good managers out there, what you have to do is shop around, ASK FRIENDS and find out exactly what they are willing to do for you in exchange for the fee they are charging you.

If someone on your team isn’t doing your job, then you have to ask yourself, what exactly are you paying for in the first place? That’s why it is your job to stay on top of your people.

Again … a good publicist, and manager pay for themselves simply because the amount of extra work and deals they get you more than make up for what it is they charge you per month.

If you want to be a star and I mean a REAL star, that makes the highest rate per scene, gets to work on all the best projects, is always on the box cover and graces the covers of magazines, you need a good team to make it happen. It won’t just magically fall in your lap.

People refer to being the next “Jenna Jameson” but in reality what they don’t tell you is that Jenna Jameson didn’t start out super famous and she damn sure didn’t fall into it either. She worked her ass off. She used to put on a fake British accent and pretend to be her own assistant, calling radio stations all over the US booking interview for herself.

She said in an interview once that she would spend 8 hours a day, two or three days a week doing nothing but those kind of promo work. In the end, it obviously paid off for her. No porn star today is getting paid $25,000 to $50,000 a movie – that’s for damn sure. But people were willing to pay her those kind of numbers because when she appeared in a movie, that movie always sold out.

If you want that kind of fame, you are going to have tow work with a team and make it happen. Can it be done? Perhaps.

It has been done again since Jenna Jameson. Her name is Sunny Leone – she too was a former Vivid contract girl and Penthouse Pet of the Year. Today she’s one of the highest paid mainstream actresses in Bollywood (India) and has several lucrative contracts with mobile companies, a perfume deal and yes, she hosts things like the MTV awards India, was invited to walk the runway during New York’s fashion week this year and has now been in so many mainstream magazines I couldn’t even begin to count.

Long story short, this former porn star is now a multi-millionaire. She’s a mainstream actress who is rich beyond her wildest dreams.

Can you be a star at that level?

I don’t know, maybe. Anything is possible. But one thing you need to understand is that you need a great team to make it happen. It won’t happen on its own.

The question isn’t can you afford a publicist or manager. It’s really can you afford not to have one?

Types of Porn Stars

Did you know that there are lots of different types of porn stars? It’s true! Mostly they fall along age lines though. I should mention however these categories are really just guidelines and only apply towards females. Men are all just “stunt cocks”. 😛

But as far as females, these aren’t hard and fast rules. I once knew a producer who cast a 19 year old as a MILF. LOL

  • 18-19 Year Olds: Barely Legal
  • 18-20 Year Olds: Teens
  • 21-25 Year Olds: The sweet spot for the popular porn stars
  • 26+: MILF
  • 35+: Cougar
  • Porn Stars with tattoos: Alt Porn Stars
  • Anyone who might have a tan or be other than really white: Latino

Then there are the city classifications … there are the NYC girls, the Miami girls and then the LA class of girls.

Long story short, the best of the best work in LA and Las Vegas. If you are hot, but not quite hot enough to make it in LA, and are under 22 or 23, then you can usually get work in Miami and well basically anyone willing to get naked that can get work in the New York area. It’s not being mean, it’s just they aren’t as picky as LA producers.

But if you want to be a super star then LA is the place to be. LA is the big time in terms of making money in porn.


Men in Porn

Porn is probably the one industry where it sucks to be a man, at least when it comes to trying to break into the industry. It’s quite honestly not as easy for a man to get into porn as it is for a women. That’s just how it is.

Most of the information I talk about at this site is aimed towards females. Sure some of it will apply to men, but when it comes down to it, there are thousands of men who want to be in porn, while they hire only a few.

Being in porn for a man isn’t the same experience as it is for a female. It’s just not.

Not only is it a matter of obvious supply and demand, there is also the fact, that men in porn have certain requirements that aren’t easy. While cock size needs to be average or higher (typically), and that’s not a problem for 50% or more of the population, but also you must be able to perform on command, and have insanely good stamina.

The problem is, if you fail, if you can’t do these things, you cost the production an entire day of filming because you couldn’t do your job.

A man’s failure to perform on set, is extremely expensive and quite honestly just to much of a risk for most production companies to take. This is why they only like to hire talent they know can do the job.

So long story short, when you apply as a man, you need to understand there is a very small chance you will be selected. I don’t care if it is your life long dream. I don’t care if you think you are somehow special or different than the thousands of other men who have applied before you – trust me, you probably are not. It’s just nothing personal, there are just so many men who want to be paid to get laid (as most men tend to think it is what this job is about).

We might accept about 1% to 3% of all male applicants and even then only a small percentage of them make it. For men, it’s much harder to perform on camera than you realize.

So what can make you stand out from the rest?

Sometimes there is just nothing — Genetics aren’t always your friend.

It helps if you are extremely good looking. And I’m talking movie star good looking. For some reason when I say “you have to be good looking”, strangely most men are like yeah that’s me and then they send me their pics and I’m like WTH is this?

Why is it that women you are 9’s think they are a 5 and men who are 5’s think they are a 9?

We had a guy once send us pictures of himself. He claimed he was “good looking” and he wasn’t even average. But more than that, he was sucking in his stomach in all of his photos. I asked him why he did that and he said something like how he wanted to show off his slender physique.  Umm okay. Men, just so we are clear on this – that’s not attractive if you are a man. A female, totally. But not for a man. It was just weird. Being super model thin with a abnormally slender waist is really not attractive on a male. Don’t send us side shots of you sucking in your stomach. It’s just weird.

Anywho, the point is, you have to be physically fit, good looking, not to old, not to young (21 to 25 is the sweet age for a male performer), although that is not a die hard rule. There are always exceptions.

Your penis size should be not to big, but not to small. The average cock size is 5 inches, and you need to be above average but you don’t have to be HUGE. If you are super big, there is some niche work for you, but for the most part, the average male porn star isn’t super huge. 6 to 9 inches is a good target range for a male porn star.

If your cock is below 6 inches hard, you aren’t going to have much of a chance. Sorry but those are just the facts.

You need to not only look good, be physically fit, but actually be in really good shape (not just look it). Porn isn’t about “getting laid”. Most male performers will tell you, it’s a work out and a half. You are going to need some insane stamina to do what they do. You’ll need to keep up with both your cardio and strength training.

Now we come to the most important part of it all … that ability to perform in front of a crowd and come on queue. No seriously … this is a thing.

When making a scene, you aren’t just having sex and then you come when you can. You are placed into a position, not that feels good but one that looks good on camera. In fact, more often than not, it can be rather an awkward position, but hey it looks good so you do your think for a few minutes and then you are stopped.

Next you and your partner are re-positioned and then the cameras start up again. You do your think for a few more minutes before you are yet again interrupted to be re-positioned or to fix the lighting or whatever.

This could go on for literally hours before finally the director is ready for the pop shot and you have only a couple minutes at best to come on command.

Of course this all took place in front of the camera man, the production assistant, the lighting guy, and various other members of the cast and crew.

That in itself is the hardest part for most men. Most men find it harder then they realize to perform in front of a crowd.

So now you can see the obstacles men face in porn. If you still think you can do it, then you know what to do. 🙂


5 Tips for Being a Successful Porn Star

Being in porn is one thing, but being great at it, is another all together. Learn these 5 Tips for Being a Successful Porn Star and you’ll find out just how quickly you can go from an unknown to the it girl (or guy) that all the producers and directors want to work with.

Confidence is everything!

You don’t have to look like Cindy Crawford or Brad Pitt to be the biggest name in porn. It’s all about confidence baby and owning how you look! If you know you are hot, then others will see it too.

Be on Time!

I seriously can’t stress this one enough. When you are booked for a job and given a certain call time, people organize their day around those times. If you show up late you can throw the whole shoot off and cost the producers money. If you ever want to work again you’ll learn how important being on time really is.

Know Your Body!

Even if you have a clean test, you know your body better than anyone else so if you aren’t feeling well, especially if you have flu like symptoms or open sores on your body, do not go to work. Nobody likes it when you cancel scenes but it’s much better to cancel a scene in advance than to show up and be sent home because you have something your co-star doesn’t want to catch.

Don’t be a jerk!

When it comes to working in the adult industry, you’ll quickly find just how small it really is. If you don’t want to work with someone that is fine, put them on your no list but don’t be rude or ill mannered to others while on set.

When you arrive, spend some time getting to know those you will be working with that day. Be the guy (or girl) everyone wants to be friends with and you’ll find out just how easy it is to book new jobs in the future.

Be a Professional!

No matter how bad things get and trust me when I say, sometimes it will get insanely bad, always be the professional one, no matter what.

If you have a problem call your agent. Don’t discuss it on set. CALL YOUR AGENT. That is what they are there for. If you are known as a problem on set – for any of a variety of reasons, I promise nobody will want to work with you and you won’t be getting any callbacks.

Be professional at all times and you’ll see just how many times a single company you work with will call you back for more work.