Men in Porn

Men in Porn

Porn is probably the one industry where it sucks to be a man, at least when it comes to trying to break into the industry. It’s quite honestly not as easy for a man to get into porn as it is for a women. That’s just how it is.

Most of the information I talk about at this site is aimed towards females. Sure some of it will apply to men, but when it comes down to it, there are thousands of men who want to be in porn, while they hire only a few.

Being in porn for a man isn’t the same experience as it is for a female. It’s just not.

Not only is it a matter of obvious supply and demand, there is also the fact, that men in porn have certain requirements that aren’t easy. While cock size needs to be average or higher (typically), and that’s not a problem for 50% or more of the population, but also you must be able to perform on command, and have insanely good stamina.

The problem is, if you fail, if you can’t do these things, you cost the production an entire day of filming because you couldn’t do your job.

A man’s failure to perform on set, is extremely expensive and quite honestly just to much of a risk for most production companies to take. This is why they only like to hire talent they know can do the job.

So long story short, when you apply as a man, you need to understand there is a very small chance you will be selected. I don’t care if it is your life long dream. I don’t care if you think you are somehow special or different than the thousands of other men who have applied before you – trust me, you probably are not. It’s just nothing personal, there are just so many men who want to be paid to get laid (as most men tend to think it is what this job is about).

We might accept about 1% to 3% of all male applicants and even then only a small percentage of them make it. For men, it’s much harder to perform on camera than you realize.

So what can make you stand out from the rest?

Sometimes there is just nothing — Genetics aren’t always your friend.

It helps if you are extremely good looking. And I’m talking movie star good looking. For some reason when I say “you have to be good looking”, strangely most men are like yeah that’s me and then they send me their pics and I’m like WTH is this?

Why is it that women you are 9’s think they are a 5 and men who are 5’s think they are a 9?

We had a guy once send us pictures of himself. He claimed he was “good looking” and he wasn’t even average. But more than that, he was sucking in his stomach in all of his photos. I asked him why he did that and he said something like how he wanted to show off his slender physique.  Umm okay. Men, just so we are clear on this – that’s not attractive if you are a man. A female, totally. But not for a man. It was just weird. Being super model thin with a abnormally slender waist is really not attractive on a male. Don’t send us side shots of you sucking in your stomach. It’s just weird.

Anywho, the point is, you have to be physically fit, good looking, not to old, not to young (21 to 25 is the sweet age for a male performer), although that is not a die hard rule. There are always exceptions.

Your penis size should be not to big, but not to small. The average cock size is 5 inches, and you need to be above average but you don’t have to be HUGE. If you are super big, there is some niche work for you, but for the most part, the average male porn star isn’t super huge. 6 to 9 inches is a good target range for a male porn star.

If your cock is below 6 inches hard, you aren’t going to have much of a chance. Sorry but those are just the facts.

You need to not only look good, be physically fit, but actually be in really good shape (not just look it). Porn isn’t about “getting laid”. Most male performers will tell you, it’s a work out and a half. You are going to need some insane stamina to do what they do. You’ll need to keep up with both your cardio and strength training.

Now we come to the most important part of it all … that ability to perform in front of a crowd and come on queue. No seriously … this is a thing.

When making a scene, you aren’t just having sex and then you come when you can. You are placed into a position, not that feels good but one that looks good on camera. In fact, more often than not, it can be rather an awkward position, but hey it looks good so you do your think for a few minutes and then you are stopped.

Next you and your partner are re-positioned and then the cameras start up again. You do your think for a few more minutes before you are yet again interrupted to be re-positioned or to fix the lighting or whatever.

This could go on for literally hours before finally the director is ready for the pop shot and you have only a couple minutes at best to come on command.

Of course this all took place in front of the camera man, the production assistant, the lighting guy, and various other members of the cast and crew.

That in itself is the hardest part for most men. Most men find it harder then they realize to perform in front of a crowd.

So now you can see the obstacles men face in porn. If you still think you can do it, then you know what to do. 🙂