Don’t work for free! There is no “casting couch” in porn!

Let’s be honest, we are in porn, we aren’t perfect little angels. If you are going to work in the adult industry you shouldn’t expect the extreme professionalism that you might get at some fortune 500 company. It’s just not going to happen.

People are going to be late. People are going to show up high or drunk. And yes, people are going to openly talk about kinds of sexual things as if it were no big deal.

But that being said, you are still expected to be professional. In fact, the more professional you behave, the more money you’ll make in the long run.

As a porn star, being professional means showing up on time and being hygienic — you know, washing yourself. That should go without saying, but sadly it doesn’t.

Another part of being professional is standing your ground. This means not working for free and not giving up any “free samples” on producers or directors. There is no such thing as a casting couch and you don’t have to fuck anyone to get a job. Even if someone suggests that you do, they are wrong. They are just trying to see if you are dumb enough to fall for it.

Do not give up anything for free. If someone wants to have sex with you, then they can pay for it. Why would you blow some douche-bag director for free? Fuck that!

A producer can’t sell the footage until after he has the 2257 documents and model release in hand. If he hasn’t paid you then you have that to hold over him. When he pays you THEN you can sign, but only then.

On that note, also be smart. never sign a model release until you have gotten your payment. ALWAYS demand payment before agreeing to sign the model release, period.

You’d be surprised how many girls have gotten scammed because they didn’t get paid before signing on the bottom line. Also remember once you do sign your model release, take a picture of it, so that you have a copy of your signed release. You never know when you’ll need it.

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