5 Tips for Being a Successful Porn Star

Being in porn is one thing, but being great at it, is another all together. Learn these 5 Tips for Being a Successful Porn Star and you’ll find out just how quickly you can go from an unknown to the it girl (or guy) that all the producers and directors want to work with.

Confidence is everything!

You don’t have to look like Cindy Crawford or Brad Pitt to be the biggest name in porn. It’s all about confidence baby and owning how you look! If you know you are hot, then others will see it too.

Be on Time!

I seriously can’t stress this one enough. When you are booked for a job and given a certain call time, people organize their day around those times. If you show up late you can throw the whole shoot off and cost the producers money. If you ever want to work again you’ll learn how important being on time really is.

Know Your Body!

Even if you have a clean test, you know your body better than anyone else so if you aren’t feeling well, especially if you have flu like symptoms or open sores on your body, do not go to work. Nobody likes it when you cancel scenes but it’s much better to cancel a scene in advance than to show up and be sent home because you have something your co-star doesn’t want to catch.

Don’t be a jerk!

When it comes to working in the adult industry, you’ll quickly find just how small it really is. If you don’t want to work with someone that is fine, put them on your no list but don’t be rude or ill mannered to others while on set.

When you arrive, spend some time getting to know those you will be working with that day. Be the guy (or girl) everyone wants to be friends with and you’ll find out just how easy it is to book new jobs in the future.

Be a Professional!

No matter how bad things get and trust me when I say, sometimes it will get insanely bad, always be the professional one, no matter what.

If you have a problem call your agent. Don’t discuss it on set. CALL YOUR AGENT. That is what they are there for. If you are known as a problem on set – for any of a variety of reasons, I promise nobody will want to work with you and you won’t be getting any callbacks.

Be professional at all times and you’ll see just how many times a single company you work with will call you back for more work.