Types of Porn Stars

Did you know that there are lots of different types of porn stars? It’s true! Mostly they fall along age lines though. I should mention however these categories are really just guidelines and only apply towards females. Men are all just “stunt cocks”. 😛

But as far as females, these aren’t hard and fast rules. I once knew a producer who cast a 19 year old as a MILF. LOL

  • 18-19 Year Olds: Barely Legal
  • 18-20 Year Olds: Teens
  • 21-25 Year Olds: The sweet spot for the popular porn stars
  • 26+: MILF
  • 35+: Cougar
  • Porn Stars with tattoos: Alt Porn Stars
  • Anyone who might have a tan or be other than really white: Latino

Then there are the city classifications … there are the NYC girls, the Miami girls and then the LA class of girls.

Long story short, the best of the best work in LA and Las Vegas. If you are hot, but not quite hot enough to make it in LA, and are under 22 or 23, then you can usually get work in Miami and well basically anyone willing to get naked that can get work in the New York area. It’s not being mean, it’s just they aren’t as picky as LA producers.

But if you want to be a super star then LA is the place to be. LA is the big time in terms of making money in porn.