What does it cost to be a porn star?

This is such a commonly asked question because there are so many scams out there girls get nervous and want to know the truth. So here is the long answer to the question, what does it cost.

To get started to be a porn star it doesn’t cost anything. There are no up front fees. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not someone you want to do business with.

Now let’s talk about what it does cost.

First there is the cost of your flight from where you live to Los Angeles. You don’t always have to pay this yourself.  Sometimes your agent will pay this up front and you can pay him back later.

Next there is the cost of your required STD test. This cost $155. Again this you don’t have to always pay up front, it’s something your agent may pay for and you can pay him back later after he books you some work.

There is the cost of your model house. When you go to Los Angeles to work, instead of staying in a hotel you stay in a model house with other performers. The cost is typically $35 a day (about $250 a week). This is obviously way cheaper than a hotel or even an AirBnB. Not all agents will own their own model house but

Some agents, actually most agents (not all but most) will set up your initial photo shoot, these are the photos that appear on the agents website. This will cost you anywhere from $100 to $350. You do not need to pay for a professional photo shoot but you’ll find some agents will try and pressure you to do it. If you have usable photos, you don’t have to pay for new ones. Also some agents will work with producers to get you deals, or discounts and sometimes they will even let you use photos they take of you for free on the agents websites. Just don’t be afraid to challenge the “required” photos. Yes, I get that agents have to have photos of you to promote you, but you don’t have to pay out of the nose for them.

Now there is the cost of going to and from work. Some agents have drivers but most just use Uber. So basically you’ll have to pay the cost of the Uber to and from shoots.  While prices can vary, one porn star tells me that she spends about $8 to $12 per ride.

I’ve actually had some girls bitch about having to pay for their Uber to and from a shoot. One girl said it was unfair. I had to choke back a laugh on that one. There is not a single person I know that doesn’t have to pay for their rides to and from work. Yet somehow this starlet feels her ride to and from work should be free. Really? LOL Oh if life only worked that way.

Now some agents will offer you a deal. If you pay for your own rides (or have your own car) you only pay your agent 10%.  Then if you don’t they will charge you 15% but provide you a driver to and from jobs. The driver will get 5%. But is it really worth it?

If you do a boy/girl scene for $800 that 5% is $40. Do you really want to pay $40 to go to a job when you could just take an Uber and pay like $8? I don’t know. I’m not a fan of the driver concept anymore and most agents don’t even use them anymore because Uber is just so convenient and cheap.

And last but not least there is the cost of paying your agent for his (or her) services. An agent typically charges 10-15% of whatever job they book you. So say they book you in a boy/girl scene for $800. If your agent charges 15%, you’ll be paid $800 by the company and then owe you agent his cut of $80.

Beyond these fees I’ve pointed out here, there is nothing else anyone should be charging you.