How does this work?

So you want to be a porn star and you want to know how this works? Well that’s exactly what this page is all about.

The first thing we ask that you do is read every one of our articles. This is important because want you to be full informed on how the whole process works, what porn is like and how much money you can make. We want you to know your rights and we want to help you pick the best stage name possible.

After reading all of the articles on our website you are going to need to take 3 photos of yourself. First is a face only shot (a selfie of just your face). Next you will want two body shots – one with clothes, one without.

You can take these yourself with your phone – just make sure they are decent so that we can clearly see your face.

Now that you have taken those photos, it’s time to fill out the application. Be sure and fill out every question because they are all important.

  1. Step 1: Read our online articles
  2. Step 2: Take 3 photos of yourself
  3. Step 3: Fill out the online application

Once you fill out the application we will review it. Yes we review every single application by hand. This is not an automated process. I personally look at every photo submitted, read everything everyone says and then make my decision or not if I can help you.

I can’t approve every application. I’m sorry to say it just doesn’t work that way. But if I honestly feel like you have a shot I will get you an agent and start you down the road of booking your first scene in porn.

You do not have to pay me any money – ever. I don’t charge for my services. Don’t worry, once you submit your application I am not going to come back to you and ask you for money, ever.