Frequently Asked Questions About Being in Porn

So you want to be a porn star? That’s great! But before you jump into it, you’ll want to do your research and that is what this website is about. This page in particular covers the most frequently asked questions about being in porn.

What kind of hours will I work?

That is really up to you. Most porn stars set a number of days in a month they will work – for example August 1st – 10th. Then they have their agents book all of their scenes in those set days for the month. Some girls however will only work on Monday’s and some girls will work every day of the week Monday through Friday but won’t work weekends. When you want to work is totally up to you. You set your own days with your agent in advance and you can change them at any time just by picking up the phone and calling your agent.

How do I get an agent?

If you are over 18 you can fill out our online application and after reviewing it, if we think you have real potential we will set you up with an agent. We work with several agents in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Florida, one in New York and one in Virginia. You can pick which specific region of the country you wish to work in.

Do you have to live in Los Angeles to be a porn star?

No. While it is true most scenes are shot in LA, not all of them are. There are active producers in Las Vegas, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New York, San Francisco, some parts of Virginia and Arizona and a few different places in Canada.

Not every porn star live in LA. I would say about half of them do, but the other half travel. Porn isn’t a full time job. People typically work 10 days a month, at which time they fly out to LA to work, then after go back home. So if you don’t want to live in LA, don’t worry – you don’t have to. You can come out and stay in a model house during your time in LA, Las Vegas or Florida (depending on where you are working) and then fly back to your real home and live a normal life the rest of the month.

How big does your cock have to be, to be in porn?

There are no rules for this however 6 to 9 inches is typical. Some people think bigger is better, but ask any female porn star who has to have sex with some guy with a huge cock and she’ll tell you she prefers the smaller guys because it hurts less the next day.

Do you need professional head shots to get an agent?

No. Anyone who tells you that is probably trying to sell you some or has a friend who does them and wants to help his buddy make some money. You do not need professional head shots to get into porn. You will need some photos, but you can just take them of yourself (selfies) or have others take them of you – like a friend.

Can you help me get my girlfriend in porn?

No. Only the person who wants to perform can get themselves into porn. You can’t do it for them. It has to be something they do on their own, of their own free will and by putting forth the effort on their own.

Do I need fake tits (or big breasts) to be in porn?

Oh heavens no. While it is true a lot of porn stars have big fake boobs, not all of them do. There are fans that like all kinds. If you happen to have big, natural boobs then you will probably find yourself book a lot of work. There is a big call for girls who have large real tits.

Do you have to have sex with everyone? What if you don’t like a guy?

You don’t _HAVE_ to do anything and that most especially includes who you work with. There are things called a “no” list which a performer can specify who she won’t work with. She doesn’t even have to give a reason. All a porn star has to do is add a name to her list, give it to her agent and her agent will know not to ever book her in a scene with anyone on her list.

Do you have to be an exotic dancer?

No. A lot of porn stars don’t go on the road and tour strip clubs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s extremely profitable if you do, but dancing isn’t for everyone.

Do you have to be an escort to be a porn star?

Hell no! In fact it’s illegal to do it in most cases so it’s best if you don’t get involved in such risky activity. No doubt you will be asked, MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY times during the span of your career, but you don’t ever have to do anything you don’t want to. And quite honestly, I would advise against it. Being an escort not only opens up a whole can of legal worms, but it also puts you at much higher risk for contracting STDs.

Do porn companies offer health insurance?

No. You are not their employee, you are a contractor paid a daily or per scene rate to do one job. At the end of that day your relationship with the porn company in question is over. As a self-employed contractor, you’ll be responsible for paying your own taxes and getting your own health coverage.

How are you paid? Weekly? Monthly?

Porn stars are not employees of a given company. They are paid to do a single job and then given that pay at the end of the day – or in some cases the money is paid directly to their agent and their agent will gather all the money the porn star makes while they are in town and then pay them on the day they leave. Typically porn stars work out that arrangement with their agent in advance.

The only exception to this is if you are awarded with a “contract” with a company. While rare, certain studios do still offer performance contracts and in some cases the salary is given out as if you were a typical employee – such as a weekly paycheck. Those type of things your agent can help you work out when it comes time to signing your contract.

What is a “Go See”?

A go see simply means you are sent to “go see” a producer or director so they may see if you are right for the movie or movies they are currently casting for.  If you are going to work in LA you can expect to go on many go see’s. The reason for this is because so many people send fake or edited pictures, yet when they show up and don’t look anything like this photos, it costs the entire production as they have to send you home and cast someone else.

So as a result most production companies in LA just make it a policy that a person must do a go see before being hired to be in a scene.

So what exactly happens on a go see? You simply show up, and verify you do in fact look like your photos but this often requires you to get naked in front of one or more people from the production company in question.

This does not mean you have sex or perform any sexual act. If you have sex, you get paid. This is a real business, not some fake casting couch bullshit.

You basically show up, smile, remove your clothes, turn around showing them your front, back and side and then put your clothes back on and leave.

It takes all of 5 minutes. You are in and out. They will call your agent later on and confirm or not if they will book you for 1 or more scenes. Remember to smile and be nice and look good! This short meeting can mean the difference between getting work and not getting it.

There are a few exceptions to the typical go see process. Sometimes you might have to read for a part, if you are being considered for an acting part. Basically they will hand you a script and ask you to read a few lines.

When they were casting for the movie Deeper Throat  – a modern day remake of the infamous Deep Throat (including the documentary ‘The Making of Deeper Throat’ which  appeared on Showtime), the go see process was simple … a girl would be given a time to show up. She would come in, and get her photo taken (just of her face). Next she would remove her clothes and they would take a full body shot.

Next the girl would get dressed and she had to read a few lines from the script for about 5 people. If they thought the girl had potential she had to prove she could deep throat (as that was the theme of the movie), so the girl would have to deep throat a dildo to prove how far she could deep throat.

In the end the part was eventually awarded to Sasha Grey but many girls tried out. I heard hundreds tried out. I’m not sure the total count though.

Those other girls might not have gotten the part as the lead in the movie but as a result of doing well for that go see they were hired for other scenes for Vivid.

So remember when you do a go see, put your best foot forward. Show up looking fabulous and have a big smile and a great attitude. It really really really matters.


Should I sign a contract with an agent? I heard a lot of different stories about this.

That’s a great question. Being new in the industry it’s nearly impossible to get work without having an agent. But how do you know what agent is right for you? While the obvious thing to look for is if they are licensed and bonded, that doesn’t make them good or right for you.

Some agents specialize in MILFs, and if you aren’t a MILF, will they really do well for you? Part of my job is to find you the agent that will work best for you but it’s not an exact science.

While my 19 years of experience in the business does help, I’m not perfect. There has been a time or two (albeit rare) that I placed a girl with an agent that just flat out couldn’t get them work. In that case now what is the girl going to do?

Well the law basically says that if you sign with an agent, any agent and they can’t get you work in 3 to 4 months time, then they have to let you out of their contract.

But what about before then? Well most agents (not all but most) are willing to be cool about it as long as they haven’t spent any money on you yet. If they haven’t been able to get you any work, simply ask them to release you from your contact so you can try and book work on your own. As soon as they do that, then you can go to another agent.

Most legitimate agents are businessmen (and women) and they don’t want to be dicks. They want to see everyone succeed and they don’t want to make enemies or have you shit talk their agency so it’s typically just easier to let you out of your contact if they couldn’t book you work than to go through that. So long story short, in the extremely rare case that does happen, just ask.

But in the end it is rare because these agents know what they are doing and typically only sign people in the first place that they know they can book work for.

I live outside the United States, can I come to the US and be a porn star?

I’m going to be honest with you. If your intention is to come to the United States and work in porn, that just isn’t possible at this time. You must have a valid work visa to work in the United States of America and they won’t approve you to come to the US to do porn. It’s just not going to happen. Some people try and come over on a tourist visa thinking they can get away with that, but the industry has tightened regulations. You must have a valid work visa or they can’t film you. In doing so they risk never being able to distribute the scene they filmed of you through proper channels. So I’m sorry to say but you must find your own way to the United States and get a valid work visa. If you can do that on your own, then we can talk but until then, I’m sorry but there is nothing I can do for you.